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With Pulse Master musicians can slow down music, so they can learn new songs and techniques
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13 July 2011

Editor's review

Music is the greatest stress-buster of all times. Perhaps, this is the reason why people always keep looking for apt player applications to enjoy listening to their favorite music collection. If you too are in such a quest since long, then how about a player that not only plays your audio file but also lets you alter some of its attributes to improve your listening experience? Well, such a tool comes to you in the form of Pulse Master 5.5. It’s a good audio player application that supports playing all known audio formats and also provides you with some great additional features. You perform different functions while listening to your favorite music, such as speed up / slow down music tempo, music pitch, and record modified audio file into new mp3 file. The player is pretty much fun to use while your soothe your ears with your favorite music.

Pulse Master displays a program toolbar which consists of player controls, recording buttons, encoding feature, BPM calculator, transpose calculator, burn audio CD, and other support options. The loaded audios get listed with left side dialog box, from where you can select and listen to the song you want. With the right screen area, you’re provided with tempo, pitch semitones, pitch gradual, tempo pitch, and beats per minute and transpose calculators to set them at desired levels. The changes you made are applied instantly and you can notice them while you’re listening to the music. Further the left side below the audio list, the program shows features such as Audio position, and Begin loop position, End loop position, Balance, and Volume features that can be set according to your needs. The bottom side again comprises of the player controls to play music with ease.

Pulse Master 5.5 lets you listen to all your favorite music file of any format and also lets you have some fun while you speed up or slow down, or change other aspects of the music files. The audio player tool comprises of simple and smoothly operable option-set, and functions promptly as per user’s specifications, hence deserves 3 rating points.

Publisher's description

Pulse Master is audio player-tool which supports most of the common audio formats and it is capable to :
- Speed up or slow down the music tempo without affecting the music key (pitch)
- Change the music key (pitch) without affecting the tempo
- Change the music "speed" as if vinyl records were played at higher or lower rates than intended
- Export modified audio to new file (6 audio formats supported)
Someone could ask about purpose of such audio modifications .Besides some purely fun implementations like :
- Morning coffee substitution with 30% faster song you found appropriate (opposite
,relaxing effect could be reached by slowing down music)
- Prank with your friend's favorite singer or group you don't like so much
- Letting your kids play with "chipmunk" and "bear" voices (they will adore it for sure if you find right song)
there is a variety of situations you can use Pulse Master as a serious ,professional tool : - musicians could slow down and repeat parts of music which are to fast to be recognized and transcribed correctly . As a result ,they could learn plenty of new playing techniques ,improve their playing skill ,enhance quality and exactness of music they are playing - music can be transposed in other key ,instead of retuning musical instrument - singers can change the music key to match their voice range ,or slow down music to understand words and pronunciation spoken in different foreign languages - music teachers can demonstrate to their students skills ,techniques of great musicians through slowing down their interpretations - choreographers and dancers could easily adjust music tempo according to their needs - software could be used as flexible dictation machine for all types of typing jobs
Software does all desired changes in real time without need to create or preprocess existing
audio files .Supports playing of audio CDs, MP3 , WMA, AAC, M4A, MP4, FLAC, WAV , Ogg Vorbis and more .
Pulse Master
Pulse Master
Version 6.7
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